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Empowering materials with our CoreLayer Technology

We skip the nasty chemicals. We make membranes ready for anything, including circularity.

For too long, making high-performance outdoor clothes meant using stuff that wasn’t great for the earth and people. We thought, “There’s got to be a better way.” And guess what? We found it. We’re tackling these issues head-on by offering a sustainable solution without sacrificing performance.

Thanks to our patented CoreLayer Technology, we figured out a way to skip the nasty chemicals and still make membranes that are ready for anything, including circularity.

What you get

Enjoy textiles that breathe with you, protect against the harshest weather, and move as you do. From the high peaks to the city streets. From performance wear to protective wear.

Breathable jackets, waterproof coats, stretchy gear, or shoes—whatever you need, we can make it happen.

Exceed upcoming regulations

PFAS-free microporous membranes

Beat performance levels

Highly waterproof, breathable, resistant & stretchable

Unlock your full sustainability potential

Several polymer options. Bio-based & mono materiality

Collaborative validation

Stage-gate process to final collection

Collections won’t wait

We are a ready-to-market solution

No hurdles

Plug & play for existing production machinery

The science behind

Step right into where we turn big ideas into reality. Our production process is more like a journey. We start with a simple idea and step by step, turn it into something amazing. So, let’s dive in and see how we mix innovation with care at every turn.

Research & Development

A significant part of our success is built upon a strong foundation in chemistry, chemical engineering, and materials science.

Researching and selecting the raw materials is the first step of the process and the key to minimising the environmental impact and enhancing the performance of our membranes.


Describes the preparation of polymer formulations by mixing polymers and additives in a molten state. This process allows us to achieve a homogeneous mixture of the components.


The granulates resulting from the compounding step are then further processed via extrusion. In this process, the compounds are melted again and formed into a continuous film – the desired profile for the final membrane.

To give the process additional stability and allow the production of very low thicknesses, we use support layers during the extrusion.


As a last production step, we run the extruded film through a bath, where the mineral-based particles are dissolved and washed out. They leave behind tiny voids/interconnected pores, which form a microporous structure.

Depending on the number and size of the pores, we can enhance either breathability (large and a lot of pores) or waterproofing (smaller and fewer pores).


For most applications, the membrane goes through a lamination process. Here, the membrane is bonded together with one or two fabrics. The resulting 2- or 3-layer structures are then used in the manufacturing of final garments, shoes, etc.

While the membrane provides laminate performance (waterproofing, breathability, wind-proofing, etc.), the fabrics give it the desired optics (color, pattern, texture, etc.), as well as greater tensile strength and enhanced durability.

Join us beyond

Partnership and collaboration opportunities

the ordinary

We can do good as long as others join us. Membranes are a key part of functional wear but it’s just a part of the whole garment.

Whether you want to integrate our technology into your product line or develop a tailor-made solution, we’re ready to collaborate. Contact us to explore how we can work together.

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