Our Membrane

dimpora prototype.png

First dimpora jacket


Our 2D product involves a conventional lamination of the dimpora membrane onto a textile. The waterproof fluorine-free membrane is mainly based on polyurethane and undergoes our template removal approach to create the necessary porosity, thus achieving an excellent breathability.

2D Biodegradable

Our process allows the use of biodegradable polymers right away. The template removed from the membrane allow it to breath while the rain is kept outside due to the internal functionalization. The membrane is one part of a biodegradable laminate, with fabric and adhesive. After the lifetime of the product, it can be directly given back to nature without leaving a trace.


Our 3D product is a new approach to directly coat the membrane onto an already assembled jacket. Taking advantages of the stickiness of the dimpora membrane, the latter can be sprayed, painted or dip-coated on the textile. This system permits to avoid loss of membrane activity due to cutting, sewing and seam taping as well as to reduce failure tests and waste.



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The current membrane market is dominated by the so called fluorinated chemistry. These non-natural compounds have been used by millions of outdoor enthusiasts all over the world. The traces of this can now be found in the remote nature and its inhabitants creating physical risks for the nature we enjoy. 

We use fluorine free materials that are well known all around us. Our technology allows us to exchange the base material, potentially also with a recyclable or biodegradable material.



Our fully porous material allows the fastest possible sweat transport at complete rain protection. With our hydrophobic porous system we can keep the rain out and let the sweat evaporate.


Seamless Breathability

Our unique pore forming strategy allows us to apply the membrane as a whole and specifically where you need it. Design your garment the way it serves you best.