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We came together to create the best membrane in the world

Our story

Mario and Anna founded Dimpora AG from a love for nature, a passion for science and a powerful realisation: even those who love the outdoors can harm its delicate balance without meaning to.

This realization sparked the search for sustainable alternatives to conventional membranes, often filled with harmful chemicals like PFAS (perfluorinated chemicals). Their commitment led to the creation of dimpora’s groundbreaking CoreLayer Technology which set the base for circularity in the outdoor wear industry.

Today we can say that dimpora® membranes, free from harmful chemicals, offer top-notch protection against the elements while protecting the environment from PFAS contamination.

We are committed to continuously developing cutting-edge solutions that protect both people and the planet, aiming for a future where our impact leaves no trace.


To transform the outdoor wear industry by reconciling performance and sustainability pushing the boundaries of membrane technology.

Our values

Our Team

Mario Stucki

CEO & Co-founder

Anna Beltzung

CTO & Co-founder

Jara Antoñanzas

Marketing & Communications Manager

Minnie Leung

Product Manager

Natalia Trela

Operations Manager Europe

Guido Juchli

Operations Manager Asia

Lucile Menand

Senior R&D Engineer and Lab Manager

Ingrida Draganovska

Lab Technician

Tristan Kaiser

R&D Assistant

Diego Burri

Operations Intern

Alexia Planas

ERP Administrator


What are the collaboration possibilities?

We offer a range of collaboration opportunities, including a standard product range of 2 and 3-layer dimpora® products. For the 2 layers, you’ll get the membrane with a backer. Within the 3-layers, we offer a closed range which you can choose from. We’re also open to joint development partnerships where we can create something truly unique together.

Can we get samples to feel the fabrics?

Absolutely! We can send you samples to touch and feel for a $50 handling fee. You’ll receive 3-5 samples, and they’ll be with you within a week.

Can we test dimpora® products in the lab? How long will it take?

Sure, you can test our products in your lab. Our membrane is stretchy, so we recommend using a support layer during testing to ensure accurate results. We’ll have the samples ready for you within a week. Depending on the situation, we might ask for an NDA to be signed first.

Can we get some test meters to make prototypes? How long does it take?

We’ll need to check our stock first. Sometimes we may need to reorder, and we’ll have to pass on the costs. We’ll work out the details together.

Can we laminate and test our chosen face fabric? How long does it take?

Yes, we can do that! You choose one of our 2-L dimpora® products and after receiving your face fabric, lamination at our partner takes about a month. This process is done externally, so there will be costs involved.

Do you sell naked membrane? How long until it can be delivered?

We don’t sell naked membranes, as we laminate the membrane with a backer before the final wash for the best quality. If you are a converter, get in touch with us.

What are your delivery times for 3-layer standard products?

If we don’t have anything in stock, it usually takes 4-6 months.

What are the minimum order quantities (MOQ)?

MOQs depend on our suppliers’ conditions, with prices based on an order of 3000m. We’ll discuss any small surcharges or quantity discounts on a case-by-case basis.

How does joint development work (JDA)?

With our tech, we can create customized membranes from various polymers. After a pre-test, we’ll see if our tech can develop your product. These projects run between 1 and 2 years, based on milestones or phases.

What fabrics do you have?

Our portfolio includes 30 standard 2 and 3-layer fabrics, ranging from synthetic to organic, lightweight to heavy and rugged.

We can laminate all types of fabrics. We recommend testing special fabrics first, but so far, we’ve had no issues with performance or lamination, whether with synthetic or bio-based fabrics. It’s a great way to understand the finished product’s (3-L) handfeel and drape.

Why can’t we choose our own backer?

You can, but it currently extends production time. We laminate the backer before washing to ensure the best quality. Not all backers are suitable.

Do you use DMF in your membranes? What about DWR?

No, we don’t use DMF or any solvents in our 2-L and 3-L products. For dimpora® 3D, we use only green solvents.

We use only C0 DWR finishing. Customer-nominated substances cannot contain any fluorine, meaning no PFAS or PFCs.

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