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August 25 2022

New study on PTFE is covered by mass media creating awareness

A new study has shown that in the tested areas of the world, concentrations of PFASs in rainwater and snow are higher than local regulations allow for drinking water and thus can pose a health risk when consumed. Even in the remote highlands of Tibet, the safe considered level has been exceeded 14 times.

The results are so alarming that the issue has been taken up by the mass media (Süddeutsche Zeitung) and luckily awareness of the problem is growing. The media plays an important role in ensuring that the issue finally reaches the general public.

For this reason, we are showing you a few gems worth seeing, which address the topic in an understandable and sometimes very entertaining way.


John Oliver reaches millions of viewers with his show “Last Week Tonight”. He brings comedy and journalism closer together and his piece about PFAS has been watched by over 5 million people on YouTube.

Dark Waters (Movie)

Dark Waters is a thriller which dramatizes Robert Bilott’s case against the chemical manufacturing corporation DuPont after they contaminated a town with unregulated chemicals.

Future Proof

Future Proof is a YouTube channel that highlights the efforts of brands and corporations to make business more sustainable. A video highlights the use of PTFE in the outdoor industry.